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Public Affairs Is Changing. Be Sure You Change with It.


Organizations aren’t islands. In an increasingly complex and changing world, monitoring and managing the external environment is a must for any organization aiming for success. For public affairs in particular, a discipline long associated with obscurity, discretion and a non-public action, the winds of change are strongly felt. Digitalization is changing the way in which it operates, bearing greater risks but also the potential for greater reward. Increasingly, companies and organizations bring their issues directly to the public audiences whose opinions can influence the development of policies, giving Public Affairs a more public and transparent dimension that is here to stay. 

This is a time of public discourse. A time for causes being vocalized and heard. A time of organizations rising or falling with their ability to persuade both regulators and consumers of their authentic motives. Be sure to be among those who come out on top in this brave new world for public affairs.

For more information on Germana’s perspectives around public and international affairs, visit her LinkedIn series “The Connector”.


Germana engages with you, your team or your organization as an immersed advisor, accompanying you in your ideation and strategy setting. Marrying academic credentials in political science and 15 years of hands-on experience in highly regulated industries, Germana’s advisory will enable you to:

  • Create or boost a powerful in-house public affairs practice.

  • Monitor, anticipate and leverage future-looking regulatory trends.

  • Build effective and precise advocacy programs in a given policy space.

  • Design and implement public affairs strategies with impact.

  • Map and strategically engage stakeholders.


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