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To redesign our individual and collective futures

There’s never been a time as uncertain and as exciting as this. We have been shaken by changes we did not ask for. We have discovered new interests and new passions. And we have re-discovered long-held values.  

Let this be the time we choose the changes we want for our communities and ourselves. 

The etymology of the world crisis lies in ancient Greek verb κρινω (krino) which means ‘to separate’ in the sense of to distinguish, discern. In today’s discourse, the word has acquired a negative connotation. The difficulties being faced, the anxiety for the future, and the fear to lose all the things we once took for granted are generally the feelings that accompany us throughout a time of crisis. But every crisis has the potential of becoming an extraordinary opportunity. 

An opportunity to put things into perspective, attributing them the right value and the space they have in our lives.

It’s the perfect time to ask ourselves: are we living in accordance with our inner world? If not, what a better occasion to rethink what matters to us and to the communities we are part of? 

What a better time to finally adhere to the values we profess, those for which we oddly have never enough time, never enough focus or enough strength to live by. 

Let’s all be part of the reconstruction, let’s re-set our economies to protect the most vulnerable ones and offer them opportunities. Let’s re-set our politics to reduce inner and external conflicts. Let’s re-set our societies to improve access to education and close the gender gap. 

Now that we have learned that no one can make it on their own, and that we all need the help of others, let’s take care of our families, friends and those who are next to us. 

Let this be the time of trust, the time of purpose. Let this be the time we all strive for a better world.  

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