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A place to advocate for women everywhere to get their seat at the table. It takes everyone, not just women, to make it happen.

Did you know that at the end of 2020, there were only ten female heads of state and 13 female heads of government worldwide? Did you know that in 2020, according to UN Women, only 24.9% of the world’s parliamentarian seats are held by women? And that in the first quarter of 2021, of all chief executives leading the Fortune 500 companies, just 8% were women?

Women In Action’s founder, Germana Barba, is a political scientist by trade. Germana’s vision is to create a global advocacy community skilled in public affairs and lobbying for good. A community that can vocally weigh in on institutional and cultural barriers hindering gender balance. A community that advocates for legislative reforms enabling women, irrespective of education or background, to have their seat at the table in both political and business leadership spaces.


Women in Action feels passionately about gender (im)balance, but it is not about cancel culture, sensationalism or feel-good awareness campaigns. Women In Action is about action. About practicality. About consequence.


Role models in this world are in scarce supply, but without them, how could we ever envision a different future for ourselves? Women in Action seeks to showcase positive examples of women who achieved leading positions in politics and business that can inspire women and men to go out there and do the same.


This interview series is where Women in Action begins. Where it goes next, is up to you.


Gender imbalance in and of itself is a complex issue. Add to it the evident and paramount intersectionality with other representation causes such as ethnicity or sexual orientation, and the complexity can become overwhelming. Women in Action focuses on women. On enabling them to reform legislation, pursue ambitious targets and have their fair share of participation in shaping their own future. But, Women In Action is passionate about all issues of under-representation, about exchange with other advocacy groups, about sharing its knowledge and inspiring one global movement of changing politics and business. It is about action, not just awareness.


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"Economic empowerment is central to realizing women’s rights and gender equality."

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