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I’ve been a journalist, a manager, a lobbyist, a corporate executive, and an “almost  diplomat”. Today, as an entrepreneur, I aim at putting my competencies at the service of the causes I believe in. From promoting the defense of our liberal democracies and fostering more human-centric organizations, to shaping the traits of today’s leadership towards contributing to a more just society, I am driven by an unwavering commitment to improving our systems and the lives of others.

Closing the gender gap is an issue particularly close to my heart. The scarcity of women’s influence in business and politics despite their numerical majority needs fixing. Comprehensive policy and legislative reforms towards equality of opportunities between men and women are still lacking in most countries. To get there, women must enable themselves to articulate their needs, interests and their vision of society in political and economic centers of power. This is about removing those barriers that prevent us from actively shaping decisions that affect our lives. Women realizing themselves as a political force requires greater skill in and use of lobbying, advocacy, and alliance-building. This is true for every organization and group that seeks to increase its share of voice vis-à-vis decision-makers. In my experience, achieving tangible results is hardly possible when public institutions, the private sector and civil society don’t work together. Every actor has a different role to play, but we need a mindset of collective action. It is this mindset I seek to inspire.


I have often been called an “unconventional leader”, a leader that listens, shares, empathizes with others and serves. Now to my mind, these shouldn’t be ‘unconventional’ attributes at all. But I am afraid that all too often in leadership, they are. In business as in public life, the leadership we need is one driven by responsibility, spirit of service and a genuine call for doing good. Younger generations are clearly telling us that this is what they want, and need. They are also telling us that the future of work needs to be much more about opportunities for self-realization and positive impact than about job titles and rigid management processes. 

All my life, whether I was in academia, corporate, or in pro-bono activities, I have been blessed with extraordinary mentors who have pushed me to learn more, do more and become more. Now it is my turn to be this person for others, be they people, organizations or causes. 

If my purpose resonates with yours, get in touch!

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