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The Future of Work at Your Fingertips 

These talks tackle the complex question of what the future of work will require leaders to do if they intend to remain relevant contributors to the success of their organizations. 

Uncover how more humane organizations will nurture the talent of tomorrow and how leaders must look at both their organizations and themselves with fresh eyes.

“Whether it is rethinking talent or the way in which we manage it: if we want to stay ahead, we must adapt.”

– Germana Barba

Spotting New Leaders: The Confidence vs Competence Trap
Competence speaks to “how good you are at something”. Confidence on the other hand speaks to “how good you think you are at something”. Fortune favors the bold, and so do organizations by tending to promote the latter and creating leadership teams that lack humility and a sense of being of service. Strong leaders need both competence and confidence. Learn how to look at your pool of talent with fresh eyes and let it take your organization to the next level.

Become a Kind Leader or the Future Will Be Boss-free
Even “good bosses” have their limits. Employees are more and more willing to leave jobs that don’t align with their values despite the present economic uncertainty. As bosses, it must be our mandate to ensure that our talent is nurtured and provided with a work environment that makes them want to stay and contribute. This entails giving up obsolete bureaucratic structures and prioritizing our people’s autonomy. Learn from nearly 2 decades in the game about how you can become a boss with a meaningful place in the future of work.

Are you ready to innovate?


“Our first step together is a free 30 min video chat to discuss your needs and ambitions. My goal is to share my passion and enable as many of you as possible to build more humane organizations and lead your people to excellence in way that best suits your organization. Following our conversation, I will share a detailed proposal with you which is tailored to your and your organization’s needs.”


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