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The Magic of Organizations and Leaders Meeting in the Middle  

The talks in this series are the 2 sides of the same coin. We need organizations to remove barriers that impede their employees’ ability to advance and contribute their potential. However, we also need employees to advocate for their own progress and take action. 

Uncover how office politics is the hidden yet undeniably present language that connects these two sides, and how to wield it to remove barriers as either established leaders or those aspiring to become one.

“Even the most gifted talent can be crushed by the weight of a hierarchical concrete ceiling.”

– Germana Barba

Shifting Leadership Behavior to Remove Barriers for Success 
 Whether entrenched in rigid hierarchies or embedded into managerial style, barriers for the success of individuals and teams can often go unnoticed. Unnoticed and yet to the detriment of business success everywhere. Learn from near 2 decades of developing high performing teams about how to give your people wings and see them fly. 

Taking Action and Breaking Through the Barriers of Office Politics 
Political thinking is not a “nice to have”. You may not feel that it is your cup of tea. You may even feel like office politics shouldn’t exist and that your career is to be shaped by nothing other than your ability and accomplishments. Think again. An office is governed by people, and as with any social structure, success in this shared space depends on your mastery of the 4 great tenets: Relationships, Network, Power-Reading and Risk-Anticipation. Learn how to appreciate the political elements of any job, and see career flourish. ​

Are you ready to break with the norms and do things differently?


“Our first step together is a free 30 min video chat to discuss your needs and ambitions. My goal is to share my passion and enable as many of you as possible to unshackle your own and your team’s potential for success in a way that best suits your organization. Following our conversation, I will share a detailed proposal with you which is tailored to your and your organization’s needs.”


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Politician with Supporters

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