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The Key to Gender Equality is Politics  

This series of talks is about women, but only for women. Advancing gender equality requires all of us to take action, it requires intersectional thinking about all issues of under-representation. As the Founder of Women in Action, Germana invites you to take this critical first step in discovering not only the roadblocks that prevent us from unlocking our true collective potential, but ways to overcome them together. 

Uncover how biases change our perception of women seeking to advance in their organizations, are preventing true diversity at the top from guiding us to success, and why we must finally talk about lobbying as a necessity to advance women’s rights everywhere.

“We have come a long way in our quest for balance. What the next step looks like is up to us.”

– Germana Barba

Office Politics – A Particular Challenge for Women 
Women and men look at office politics and power dynamics with different eyes, and are looked at with different eyes in return. Office politics has a bad reputation as it is, and research has shown that women in particular are judged harshly when seen as “playing the game”. Reluctance to engage is a key contributor to why not enough women make it to the top. Learn how to look at office politics in a different light, and how to look at women who fearlessly master it. 

Advancing Women’s Rights – A Matter of Lobbying ​ 
We are not used to thinking of women as a “lobby”. Women count for half of the world population, and are anything but a homogeneous group. But no matter how diverse their views and opinions can be, women everywhere have one thing in common: an interest to increase their share of voice and their presence in all decision-making processes that affect their lives. Learn why and how, when it comes to removing the barriers hindering parity with men, women can and should leverage their collective power by lobbying together. Bringing men with them!

Do you want to be part of real change in the making?


“Our first step together is a free 30 min video chat to discuss your needs and ambitions. My goal is to share my passion and enable as many of you as possible to become advocates for gender equality in a way that best suits your organization. Following our conversation, I will share a detailed proposal with you which is tailored to your and your organization’s needs.”


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